Restaurant Meals for Work

My work doesn’t make respecting a diet plan very easy, especially one as strict and demanding as this one.

I have a number of meals, sometimes a few a week and sometimes just one or two, which are only vaguely within my control. Today and tomorrow are days when my control over my food options is going to be weak.

The day before yesterday, I left the UK for the South of France. In Heathrow I ate a steak, replacing the chips with a salad. There was a butter and pepper sauce with the meat. I also had a glass of water. After, I went to the business lounge and wolfed down a few pieces of cheese because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat for the rest of the day as I’d arrive after midnight in my hotel.

Yesterday morning, I deliberately ate a large cooked breakfast at the hotel. Two helpings of bacon, scrambled egg, mushrooms and sausage. Black coffee.

So far so good.

For lunch, which we had a little before 3pm (lucky I ate that large breakfast), there was a super-healthy catered thing at the office, which involved lots of salad (I picked on the one with feta cheese) and some smoked salmon, followed by a cook salmon steak on a bed of lettuce. Apart from some soy beans in the lettuce, I think I nailed the zero-carb part of the diet here as well, although the fat content was probably a little low.

Dinner was both wonderful and sad in equal measure. We were hosting some important guests so we went to a good restaurant. The company made sure the wine was excellent. I couldn’t have any. The appetizers were mostly on little bits of home-made bread, so I couldn’t have those. The starters and main courses had some very low carbohydrate options, which I took :

I couldn’t have the desserts, which looked really, really good. I couldn’t have the plate of sweets they brought with the coffee.

I drank almost two liters of sparkling water, watching my colleagues drink some truly excellent wine.

I think I ticked (as far as was possible) the very low carb option today, but there was no way of increasing the fat content given that the menu was pre-prepared for the group and there were a limited number of choices.

I just woke up in the hotel again, have a lunch at the office (not catered this time, so who knows how I’ll handle that) and then fly up to Paris for a dinner in another excellent restaurant where I’ll have to watch everyone else drink amazing wines.

I’m as impressed with my discipline as I am depressed by my inability to sample the wines and sweets.

Now I’m going downstairs to gorge myself on the protein and fat options of this hotel’s mediocre breakfast buffet.


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