Roast chicken in paprika sauce with green leafy vegetables

Chicken and Green Vegetables

“A low carb diet gives you lots of choices,” they said.

“It’s a lot less dull than other, more prescriptive diets,” they said. 

While that’s all true, what they don’t tell you is that all those things you think you love, like steak and chicken and lamb and salmon. After eating nothing else for a month, you won’t like it nearly as much any more.

In fact, this diet seems designed to put you off your favourite foods by forcing you to eat nothing else. It’s a lesson in how good things are only good in comparison to other, less good things!

Typically, I really like chicken in paprika sauce with green vegetables, which is what you see above. I have to admit that today, despite it being delicious, I would have killed for pretty much anything that was crunchy or that tasted of potato.

Nevertheless, a roast chicken and some lightly fried green vegetables is a super healthy option for lunch when you’re on this kind of diet. If the sauce is basically just herbs in water cooked with the chicken, it’s not going to do you any harm (no added salt, thickener or cubes of various descriptions allowed!)

It’s better than eating some horrible processed commercial-diet liquid nonsense in a can from your local grocery store. Also, I ate more than two hours ago and I’m not even a little bit hungry at the moment.

I roast the chicken in a plastic bag that I buy from a supermarket chain, inside which I put my herbs and spices, then I roast that in the oven for the right amount of time (based on the size of the chicken). Try not to burn yourself with the steam when you open the bag. I used paprika and pepper. 

Green vegetables I cook in a wok with a little oil. I don’t cook them very much because I like it when they’re (a) crunchy, (b) haven’t had the vitamins boiled out of them, and (c) still actually taste of something. 


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