Forced myself

I decided to force myself to use the hotel gym.

I was having a really hard time figuring our what was getting in the way of my finding time to go to the gym, and then I stopped wondering about it, got changed, and went to the gym.

That’s what was getting in the way! It’s the thinking, stupid.

The gym in the hotel in New York was extremely clean; very modern, intelligently equipped (they had some free weights) and so I managed to get a solid 45 minutes of exercise in.

It’s been a while.

First impressions:

  • I’m going to have to plan my gym trips better. This was ok, as far as an improvised gym session goes, but with defined pauses and a stopwatch you can get a lot more intensity into your workout.
  • I haven’t lost as much strength as I feared.
  • I need an exercise playlist. Something upbeat, melodic and with rhythm
  • I’m going to have to train my abductors and upper back (chin-up) because that’s where I seem to have lost the most

Most of all though, the right impression is that this is easy to arrange. You need to stop planning it and just get to the gym and change into your sports clothes. Then you’re off. Stop overthinking it.


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