Travel and diet/fitness discipline

I’m on a plane on my way to Miami (by way of Philadelphia), and wondering how I’m going to stay true to my health and fitness goals while away from the structure of scheduled meals and while eating out for every single meal for the next 4 or 5 days.

It’s not a small problem.

It also coincides rather nastily with the end of my first 12-day diet cycle. I’m supposed to relax ever-so-slightly my dietary restrictions, and I’m going to be plunged into a world of cocktails and dinner parties.


How to attempt to turn adversity into opportunity? Not that copious amounts of food and drink ever counted as adversity, but I think I may have found a way to work this to my advantage.

Let’s list the things that are going to help.

  • Westwards jet-lag ensures I’ll be waking up early for the next five days
  • My hotel contains both a pool and a gym
  • My luggage contains both swimming trunks and gym kit
  • The thing most missing from my general health regimen right now is exercise
  • Being away from my 4-month old daughter is heart-breaking but will ensure my nights are not broken into little bite-sized, delimited chunks
  • After a fortnight of not drinking, I’m going to have the alcohol resistance of a seven-year-old

If you think of those as my strengths, then the appropriate way to deploy them is to count on going to bed at a decent hour (i.e. before midnight), with only limited alcohol consumption. Selecting intelligently from restaurant menus. Letting the jet-lag wake me up early. Hitting the hotel gym or pool every morning before a protein-and-fat-heavy breakfast, and sleeping as much as I can fit around the conference.

When I get back home, I’ll be able to jump back into a more structured diet, while adding some sport into the mix, having blown off a little steam over a very controlled period of time. It can all work to my advantage… In theory.

I think my biggest strength here is that I thought of this before I got on the plane, because if I had to think about it when I got to the hotel, I’d be considering my options over a pint and a burger, and that would be the end of it.

What would you do? Pointless links to Pintrest click-bait about how to get fit in 240 seconds in your hotel room using nothing more than a fountain pen will be trashed as they deserve…


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