Does getting up early burn more calories?

Once upon a long long time ago, I mentioned to my doctor in France that once upon a time, even longer ago, I had been quite the athlete. I pointed out that, during a particular period in my life, I’d do 2 hours of sport most mornings, usually under the supervision of a coach, either…

Yes, even on Sundays

My daughter is looking at me from her high chair, accusation radiating from her big eyes and rosy cheeks as a moment usually spent communing over her favorite activity (spreading food over large surfaces) is actually spent typing on my computer. On a normal weekday we would rush through a breakfast of eggs and avocado,…

Weigh and Measure

Every two weeks, my gym calls me in for a “weigh and measure” to track progress and maintain awareness of how my activity and diet affect my body.

NHS Stops Financing Homeopathy

One of those subjects that tends to divide audiences, and which most people (including myself) feel quite strongly about. Homeopathy has been struck from the list of treatments that can be obtained on the National Health Service and will therefore no longer be reimbursed by the government when used by patients.

HIIT’s for Wimps

That title’s perhaps more of an attention-grabber than a true statement of fact, but it remains partly true. HIIT works better for those of us who aren’t performance athletes to start with, which is good news for me, and presumably for you too.

Trends, truth and sorting through the trash

I like to think I’m less susceptible to fads and trends and psychological trickery and misdirection than most people. Ironically, most people think that. You know how 90% of us think we’re above average? Yeah. The world of diet-based literature, products and coaching is one of the most invaded territories when it comes to high-focus…

Travel Diet Frustration

Yesterday was fairly challenging, since I wasn’t sure what was going to be presented to me for food at each stage of the day, but I was determined to stick to the high-fat low-carb diet plan I’m on. The day turned into an exercise in self-discipline punctuated by moments of extreme hunger.

Restaurant Meals for Work

My work doesn’t make respecting a diet plan very easy, especially one as strict and demanding as this one. I have a number of meals, sometimes a few a week and sometimes just one or two, which are only vaguely within my control. Today and tomorrow are days when my control over my food options…

HIIT and Muscle Growth

I was working with the trainer at the gym a couple of days ago, doing my 15-minute HIIT before going to work, and I remarked how the exercises were so much harder because there was almost no pause at all between sets. He replied that this allows many more of the muscle fibres to be…

Doubts, Criticisms, Reasons not to

The program I’ve started is fifteen days long. That’s fifteen days of supervised gym and diet time. It’s supposed to be a transformation of sorts, with visible, measurable, durable results. The response to this, when I explain it to people, is fairly predictable: It won’t last, weight lost that fast doesn’t stay off. It’s bad…